How to Make a Taylor Swift Dress

Your cute daughter wants to be Taylor Swift for Halloween? Here are 14 easy steps to make a cute Taylor Swift dress for her!

STEP ONE: Dress seven children, fix their hair, change three diapers, wipe four noses, find 15 shoes, load everyone into the van, and drive to Walmart.

STEP TWO: Find a “country pop star” dress in the Halloween section. It is cheaply and poorly made and it costs $20.

STEP THREE: Convince yourself that you can manage to sew something nicer than that! Nevermind that you have only sewn one blanket, one quilt top (the actual quilt was never finished), and a set of beanbags in the last ten years. Surely you can sew a dress, right? Right!

STEP FOUR: Buy cute sparkly fabric. Splurge on matching shoes because you are saving so much money by making this dress yourself.

STEP FIVE: Overconfidence gives way to a feeling of nervous foreboding. In a panic, write a facebook status update asking for help from anyone who knows how to sew. Nervously check back every 15 minutes for responses.

STEP SIX: Resolve to do this alone. Watch youtube sewing videos. Feel more confused than ever. Check facebook again.

STEP SEVEN: Stay up all night working on the dress. Sketch, measure, create a little pattern. Cut, fold, cut some more. Cut, cut, cut. Oops. Why is everything so crooked?? Measure, measure, cut, cut. How can this be so crooked???

STEP EIGHT: After working for several hours and only making things much, much worse, it’s time for a good cry. Sob for a while. Go ahead and laugh when your 5-year-old (who is up way, way past his bedtime) notices your tears, sits down beside you and sympathetically sighs, “Mom, I thought you would have learned how to do this by now…” Laugh at how cute he is. Then cry ’cause he’s right.

STEP NINE: Go to bed with puffy eyes. Dream about sewing dresses.

STEP TEN: In the morning, on a great tip from your sister, run to Costco. Find a darling dress, cute and sparkly and very “Taylor Swift-ish.” Smile as your nine-year-old holds it up to herself and grins with delight. It even has a cute little jacket so she can use it after Halloween too! And best of all, it’s only $18 dollars!

STEP ELEVEN: Pay $50 to renew Costco membership. Pay $18 for the dress.

STEP TWELVE: Ask daughter if she is happy with her costume. Cry when she says yes.

STEP THIRTEEN: Feel proud that you saved money because this dress was $2 less (and much cuter) than the first dress you found. Then realize that you also spent $10 on fabric, $10 on shoes, $5 on a wig, and $50 on a Costco membership in order to get the second dress. Try not to think about that…

STEP FOURTEEN: Feel relieved because your daughter has a Taylor Swift costume that she loves. Feel happy because she is so happy. Vow to never, ever attempt to sew again.

4 Responses to “How to Make a Taylor Swift Dress”

  1. Nicole Says:

    ROFL! I went through the exact same process trying to make 13 prairie sunbonnets for my dd’s upcoming Pioneer birthday party………I hired a seamstress in the end!

  2. withasmile Says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one!! :)

  3. howsewadress Says:

    It is easy to learn how to sew a dress even without prior experience to making any clothes. All of us can learn and master this skill with patience and perseverance. With practice and determination, you can enjoy the many wonderful advantages of learning how to sew a dress especially if you have a big family. Anyway Nice post mate. ;)

  4. Janet Says:

    I’m glad we each have different talents! My kids wear the same Halloween costumes year after year. Tyler has been the kangaroo or monkey for I think 5 years now. They love them, and I don’t think even realize they could choose something else. Everyone else usually just picks something from the well stocked dress up box. I would have probably tried to convince her to be something else. :) You’re a great mom!

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