Monkey Feet

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Teleporting Drew

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I was relaxing in bed this morning while Drew flopped around wildly in the blankets next to me, bouncing, twisting, and tangling himself up. After several very active minutes, he suddenly became very still. He popped his head out from the tangle of blankets and asked (rather accusingly), “Mom, didn’t woo even notice dat I was dust teldapoting?!” (Didn’t you even notice that I was just teleporting?!) ;)

Sick Pax

Monday, July 27, 2015

Poor Paxton. He’s always sick. He ran fevers and slept constantly (like 22 hours a day) last week. He had a few good days and then he got a horrible ear infection Friday. It drained like thick honey, thanks to his tubes, but I think he’ll still need antibiotics.

Saturday the coughing and wheezing started, and Sunday it was worse. He had me nervous because his breathing was so labored. He ran a fever all day too. We’re supposed to take him to the ER at 100.3… But he was 101.5 most of the day. 

We were picking up Rick’s new car yesterday so we were three hours from home. When we left, we drove straight to the children’s hospital to take him to the ER, but his fever had broken by that point so we ended up bringing him home instead. He’s satting well, his fever is gone, and his breathing is still really loud and labored. I honestly don’t know what to do and I’m such a nervous wreck over all this. 

I’m taking him in to see his ped today and he has a regular visit with his cardiologist too. Hopefully these visits will help us figure out why he’s sick and will help settle my nerves too.

No smiles from our sick sweetie, but he’s still beautiful. <3


Update: Poor buddy has a really hazy spot in his left lung. They say it looks suspicious, so it could be the start of pneumonia. We caught it early since he’s only had fevers for a day. He’s started on antibiotics and he has drops for his draining ear, even though the oral antibiotics should help with that too. We didn’t get an ANC because we’re hopefully covering him well enough with good antibiotics and because he’s seeing hematology on Wednesday anyway. 

I’m thankful that we caught this so early, but I still feel bad that he’s always so sick. He was okay the first few weeks home. Then he was sick constantly with viruses and ear infections in February, March, and April (like really constantly, with no breaks). He had a little break in May before getting sick again, and then got pneumonia pretty badly in June. His lungs haven’t been the same since. He’s had frequent fevers and several ear infections and now he’s sick with respuratory gunk again and another ear infection. Poor guy. I feel bad. 

Mission Reunion

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Rick’s mission reunion was today. Crazy that he was a missionary 15 years ago! Crazy that I didn’t even know him then, because that can’t possibly be true. I’ve always known him, right?

I was hesitant to take Paxton out, but we decided it was too important of a day to miss. It was outside at a park and we just kept Paxton in his stroller with his canopy up and a blanket completely covering him. 

Rick got to visit with friends and companions and his mission president. The kids got to play and enjoy the fresh air. We all enjoyed eating the authentic Filipino food that was catered in. Rick especially loved the food. He was beaming. It was like a mini trip back to the Philippines. :)


Power Outage

Saturday, July 25, 2015

i was giving last-minute, late-night hair cuts last night and two kids were in the tub, when the power went out. It was pitch black, too dark to see anything at all, and the kids all shrieked. Rick and I both instinctively called out that it was okay and told the kids to carefully follow our voices. Rick retrieved the kids from the tub. We grabbed a few flash lights and gathered in the family room. I gave the last haircut in the dark by the light of a flashlight. 

We all ate chocolate, sang songs while rick played the guitar, and played charades. When the kids got tired, I read aloud from The Ravenous Gown until they all fell asleep. 

I stayed awake until the power came on at 2:00am… So that I could finally turn out the lights and go to bed. ;)

Silly Faces

Thursday, July 23, 2015

 Jacob couldn’t take a picture because the sun was too bright. He was making us laugh with his silly faces as he tried to smile!

And speaking, of silly faces, this is Paxton’s new favorite:

One more cute picture for good measure. :)


Cute Jammies

Saturday, July 18, 2015



Saturday, July 18, 2015



Friday, July 17, 2015

When she was supposed to be in bed, she gave herself a makeover instead. 

Homeschool Highlights (July – July 17, 2015)

Friday, July 17, 2015

It’s Friday again! This week passed swiftly. I focused a lot on lesson plans and didn’t sit down for regular school work much, which was okay because the kids are almost completely done with what I’d planned for them anyway.

My history lesson plans are done! I tweaked a few things from my previous plans just because certain kids need different things now than I’d planned for them a year ago. I love these history plans!! They include daily lessons that we’ll do as a family- reading, fun art and cooking and creative projects, read alouds, movies, devotionals, etc. The plans also include assignments for each individual age group– preschool (coloring and Montessori activities), lower elementary (coloring pages, copywork, narration, and notebooking), upper elementary (map work, additional reading, short writing assignments, and notebooking), middle school (additional reading assignments, scripture application, discussion questions, essays, and notebooking) and additional literature studies for Josh (reading and discussing books from the Old Testament, the Code of Hammurabi, The Epic of Gilgamesh, and so on). The plans are complete so thimgs like copywork and essay assignments include the actual assigned work, not just instructions to write an essay or copy two sentences. The lessons are all synced up so every assignment or activity lines up with the same part of history. I’m super excited about it. I hope it goes as well in practice as it did in planning. 

Plans for art and Poetry Time are finished. Those are always easy. I’ve made my plans for preschool, but I do still need to assemble it all. I’m finished with some of the kids’ individual lesson plans, but still need to keep plugging along with that. 

My hang up this year is that I want to do our world trip unit study, but I’m not sure if we’ll have the time. Doctor visits still take up a good portion of each week and our history lessons will be time consuming. The world trip lesson plans are done, so I kind of want to assemble everything and then just see if we can carve out time…

So our actual “school work” this week was pretty basic. We continued reading George’s Marvelous Medicine and 65 Short Mysteries You Solve with Science. The big kids finished up the little work they have left, the boys had some reading  lessons, and everyone had lots of time to play outside. Allie played lots of games because she asks for them constantly, whether I’m planning to do preschool that day or not. Maddie and Asher’s play was also this week and they did great!

I’ve been especially thankful lately for the opportunity we have to homeschool. It is such a blessing, such a privilege, and so rewarding!! <3 <3 <3


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