Hilarious Stories by Drew

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Drew has been a story teller ever since he started to talk. He always tells hilarious, detailed stories. 

Today Joshua recorded four of Drew’s stories as Drew dictated them. Josh told me that he had to “translate from Drew’s language, but that it was a very accurate, almost word for work translation.” 😉


The Princess and the Dragons

There was a princess In the woods. There was also a castle in the woods. The castle had no doors or anything that opens up. The bears that lived in the woods knocked them down. The princess wanted to go exploring. So she went in the secret hole in the wall out of the castle. She found an egg that was cracking. So she hid behind a rock. Then that rock started cracking. So she hid behind another rock. That rock started cracking to. The last rock did not crack. The egg cracked. Inside the egg were baby dragons. The princess wanted to look for bears. She found big bear prints. So she followed them. She saw a bear, but it was eating. It was eating fish. But if the bear saw the princess, it would eat the princess. The bear ate a sword fish. A big swordfish like in Marsha and the bear. It fished by reaching its paw in and grabbing fish. Then the bear liked the princess. It liked how Beautiful she was. She ran back to the baby dragons. They were crying. She didn’t have any pets. She wanted a baby dragon. All the dragons liked her. She took them to here home. They all slept in the castle. There was no king. The bear always came in and hid under the bed. It did not eat the dragons. The bear was in a bear costume. It was actually a dragon. THE END


Puddles that Bite

Once upon a time there was a puddle. It was a haunted puddle. It goes out and eats people. Some of these puddles are real. But this one is not. Only one person did not get eaten. His name was boteeks. The grampa puddle had big teeth. The more he eats, the smaller his teeth get. If he eats a house, his teeth get small. If he eats a tv, he gets medium teeth. If he eats a trampoline he will disappear. If two puddles get mad they eat each other. If you step on a baby puddle, then they throw you in a volcano. If an ant goes through a baby puddle, then the mama puddle will move to a volcano. Sometimes when it is not full moon then if a battery is loose, they make it even lesser. Sometimes they rip a battery out of phones. And tv. The mama puddle likes baby puddles. The mama puddle and daddy puddle jumped in the volcano with their baby puddles then they jumped all over the lava. One fell up and bumps his head. It jumped right back on the lava. It jumped all over the lava. THE END


The Mean Wizard

Once upon a time there was a shark. A flying shark. Then it was dead. It was dead because of the wind. There was a storm. There are no clouds in this story. But there is one cloud. His name was poor cloud goosen. The water died. And there was a unicorn. The unicorn turned into a princess. Her name was dear princess boteec. Every time there is a mean wizard that makes beautiful flowers. The princess put good bells every where. The mean wizard put a sleeping bell on the princess. She could only be woken up by a kiss. Then there was a prince who knew nothing about this. He saw the castle. It looked like a flower. Then he saw the mean wizard. The mean wizard was killing flowers. The prince kissed the princess. The princess jumped on the mean wizard. Then the mean wizard died. Then the princess died. Then the prince died. Then the flowers died. Then the kingdom died. THE END.



Once upon a time there was a egg. It was small. Small enough to fit through doors. The mama looks like Godzilla. But it can not shoot fire. Then the Godzilla died. So did the guys that tried to shoot Godzilla in the foot. They all died. THE END.

Sick Baby

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I thought Paxton might get sick when we lifted his quarantine bubble this past weekend, but I was hopeful that he wouldn’t. I certainly didn’t expect him to get sick so immediately or so severely though. :(

We took him out on Friday for the birthday party and on Sunday for his blessing, and by Monday he was in the pediatrician’s office. It was just a runny nose and an ear infection at first, but yesterday the coughing and wheezing started. 

His oxygen saturation has been lower than normal (low 90s) for several days, but yesterday was worse, around 85-90 while awake. He’s still on oxygen while he’s sleeping so we can put him on oxygen full time, otherwise we would have been in the ER yesterday. His lungs sound bad, like they did when he had pneumonia. Poor guy is pretty exhausted too. 

We are supposed to keep him quarantined until next spring (we did have permission to take him out this weekend though) and this just drives home how fragile he still is and how much he needs that. Everyone was super careful with him this weekend, as careful and cautious as we could have been, and he still got sick. 

His quarantine restrictions are to keep him away from crowds and away from sick people, but maybe we need to keep him quarantined a little more than that? We won’t take him to church again (Sunday was his first time). He’s still never been to a store of any kind, and that won’t change for a long time. I was toying with the idea of doing a weekly homeschool activity with just one other family, but I’ve decided not to because I don’t want the germ exposure. We won’t do swimming lessons either because I wouldn’t want him in a public building every week. I do still want to take him outside though, as long as the weather is okay. He loves the fresh air and sunshine. 

Practicing with Food

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The faces he makes!! Haha!!

(Sunday, after his blessing)

Beautiful Boy, Beautiful Day

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

We were able to bless Paxton this past Sunday. I can’t even describe the joy and gratitude I felt that day, knowing that he had survived so much and that we’d finally made it to such an important milestone. I’ve honestly put off writing about it because it’s hard for me to put my thoughts and feelings into words. It’s just such a sweet milestone, a “normal” baby thing that we’ve done with all our others, a symbol of the progress his mortal body has made and of his place in our family for eternity.   

He is an expert roller now so too big to cradle as they do traditionally when blessing a newborn. He’s also still an unstable sitter so he wasn’t able to sit by himself on a chair. Our Bishop recommended that I simply hold him on my lap during his blessing. I loved being able to hold this sweet boy, surrounded by the circle of the priesthood, the same power that carried us so many times through this journey. 

Paxton fussed during the first part of his blessing and I found myself quite distracted. This has honestly bothered me for days, because I feel like I missed out. But I’m feeling better about it as time goes on. 

Rick blessed him that his life would continue to be a testimony and an inspiration to others. He blessed him that even if his physical body has limitations, Heavenly Father will help him fulfill every mission that he has here on earth. It was prefect and beautiful, echoing every quiet prompting that I’ve felt about the life of this special boy. I still sometimes worry about his future and his physical body, but I do know that he’ll do every single thing that he’s supposed to do in this life. That helps me feel better. 

Will and Kari bought the most gorgeous outfit for him! I am in love with it. It was perfect and so darling on him. My kids blessing outfits are all sentimental in some way, either made or purchased by someone we love. Paxton’s is very special for that reason too. I will always cherish it. 

We were blessed to have many dear family and friends join us. I was grateful for that love and support. We could have blessed him at home many months ago, but I really wanted to share this special day with others. We had a nice little luncheon at the park afterwards and it went smoothly and perfectly. 

We took a few group pictures that I love… Brothers, sisters, grandparents, and with Mommy and Daddy… ❤️ 

This sweet boy… I feel like he and I have been through so much together! We are a team. I wish I could adequately describe the feelings that I have about our relationship.
This was a healing day for me, to see him at this point. What a hard and terrifying year it has been! But I’m grateful for it and I wouldn’t change a thing. ❤️


First Day of School

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I was up until 2:30 this morning, prepping and filing and stapling like a mad woman! This morning was a little crazy because I still hadn’t switched the old books out for new books in the school closet. While I organized the closet (and wished for more bookshelves… and a school room while I was at it!) the kids made new covers for their notebooks. It was quite an unorganized mess!

But before long we had a school-ready closet:

Work boxes that were neat and organized:

And a mostly tidy room to start our first day in:

Things went well. The kids were impressively on task, especially considering how unstructured last year was. They got right to work and stayed on task and accomplished a lot. Jacob loved his school work and Asher was so delighted to finally have his own semester file!

Here’s to a great new school year!! 

Ready for School

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

After many, many hours of work, time, effort… and lots of thought and prayers for guidance… and lots of paper, printer ink, and laminating pouches… We are finally ready to start school!! Hooray!! 😀

Here are the kids’ files. These hold all the complete lesson plans for the first 12 weeks of school, one for each of our school-age kids. 

We’ve switched to weekly cover sheets this year. I’m hoping they’ll give us the structure of our daily cover sheets combined with the flexibility we need this year. 

I also have preschool boxes ready (just waiting on a few things). History plans are printed and our group electives are ready too.


I just need to do a little more printing, and add a few things to my preschool boxes. We’re starting tomorrow, and everything should be totally finished within the first week. 😊

Paxton’s First Birthday, part three 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

I was on bed rest with some wonderful ladies. They gave me companionship and friendship during my hospital days and I still love them. Crazy as it was, we all had our babies the same week, with the exception of one who made it full term! They were all born at different gestations that week- twins David and Poppy at 34 weeks, then McKay at 29, Paxton at 27, Richard at 33, and Arianna a month later at 37 weeks. Honestly, each of these babies has a scary story, but somehow we all got the miracle we hoped for and we all have cute one-year-olds now! ❤️ 

Last night we gathered for a big group birthday party. We celebrated all their birthdays together and invited all the amazing nurses who took care of us while we were on bedrest and during our NICU stays. It was a really fun way to celebrate surviving this crazy, miraculous year, and to thank all the nurses we love so much! 

We held the party on the hospital patio, where we always used to go get ice cream as a family when I was on bed rest. After the party, I noticed a pregnant woman in a wheelchair, eating ice cream with her family, and knew she was on bed rest. I had to talk to her, to share our story and offer some hope. That was me just over a year ago.

And here I am now. On the other side of it all, with a baby who lived through impossible circumstances. I am so, so thankful. It’s taken me a long time to come to a place of true acceptance; I’m still working to let go of all the guilt. But I can honestly say that I’m grateful for this experience, and that I wouldn’t change it. Last night, after talking to that family, I felt great hope for them and nothing but  immense joy in my own circumstance. We have been so blessed. 

Happy birthday, AGAIN, little bug! 💜


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Drew likes the cartoon “Air Bender.” The characters use karate-like moves to control various elements in nature. Drew is actually quite an accomplished air, water, fire, and earth bender now… At least, I think he is by the way he so expertly jumps and kicks his way around the house. ;)

Because he loves “bending” so much, I’ve got a new trick that I use with him. At bedtime, I ask him if he knows how to be a “pajama bender” yet. My normal distracted, dawdling boy can suddenly put his pajamas on in record time!! When he’s being a like wild, I ask him if he can show me “quiet bending” and he instantly brings his hands together and bows his head and stays totally quiet. I’ve asked him to be a toy bender to clean up his toys, an obedience bender to get him to obey right away, and so on. It works every time. :)

Today he told me, “Mom, wast night I was wocked in a kennel and I taught a puppy to bwood bend using da mooooon!!” (Blood bending is a part of the Air Bender cartoons.)

Speaking of silly stories, Drew always has a very silly and dramatic story for how he gets his owies. He tells me their from tigers in the jungle who scratched him, or from a baby dragon that he was trying to tame, or from a “treeture” so scary that no one has ever actually seen it. 

… Keep me laughing forever, Drew! I love it!! ❤️

Eyes and Echo

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Paxton had a bunch of sedated eye procedures today and an echo too. Our check in time was 5:45am, which meant that I got up at 3:30 this morning. He was a pretty happy guy, in spite of being hungry and tired. 

Everything went well. His eyes still look bad, unfortunately. The vessels aren’t formed correctly and are still premature in appearance and in how far they’ve grown. His doctor thinks he has a genetic, degenerative eye disease. If he has it, he could have no problem or he could go blind from it. As with so many other things, we have no idea how this will turn out for him. They took a bunch of blood work to send for genetic testing, but it can take a very long time to come back. For now, we’ll just keep checking his eyes so that we’ll be able to treat early if his vessels start bleeding or his retina detaches. His next sedated exam will be in six months.

His echo was okay. His heart looks a little worse, but it’s nothing too terrible. It looks worse than it did in July, but a lot better than it did in May. He has some thickening in the ventricles, some mild leaking of some valves, and a little fluid around his heart. We’re going to leave him where he is for oxygen and medications for now. (Off oxygen while awake, if he tolerates it, and on 1/4 liter while sleeping.) Hopefully his heart doesn’t get any worse. If it improves, we’ll continue to wean, but not for a while. We’re all a little nervous as we head into cold and flu season. Hopefully his heart tolerates any illnesses that come along.


He was pretty miserable when he woke up. His tummy was very swollen, distended, and tender. His bowel sounds were very decreased and “very, very small.” There was talk of doing an x-Ray, but they decided to send him home. (It’s hard not really having a doctor managing him in post-OP.) I’m nervous about his tummy, but he seems okay. His tummy is still swollen and he’s been mildly feverish. But he’s eating and seems more cheerful. I’m hoping he’ll get a good nights sleep and feel better tomorrow. And poop would be good too. ;)


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Drew says his “dream” is to “hang off the front of a motor boat while it drives in water.” Hehehe! ;)


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